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Remote Post Production for MTV/Viacom

We recently completed the remote connectivity element of the 7th season of a TV Series commissioned by MTV called ‘MTV Shuga Down South’ which was shot and edited in South Africa while the executive producers were in our offices in Camden.

To achieve this we used a piece of software called MediaLooks – Video Transport for the broadcast Video feed along with some conferencing software so the producers could communicate live with the edit with Sub Second latency.  We were able to transport broadcast quality video securely over the internet to enable this workflow and this saved the production significant cost in flying producers over to SA and all that goes with that.

Whilst this isn’t the first time we’ve done broadcast quality feeds over the internet it is the first time we’ve done it with SRT and thanks to MediaLooks software it worked seamlessly, so we’re looking forward to doing many more remote production workflows with this technology including remote Gallery operation over internet.

The series is commissioned as part of the MTV Staying Alive foundation aimed at HIV prevention education particularly trying to reach lower income families in poor countries, read about it here.

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