FrameTrunk Ltd
Unit 8-10, 21 Bonny Street
London NW1 9PE

Tel: 020 7923 8614
Mobile: 07907 200943

ISO Ingest and RX

Recording live camera feeds is why we started FrameTrunk.

Whether it’s a fixed rig, music festival, corporate launch or a live reality show, we can record any number of camera feeds, HD or UHD/4K including realtime proxies, with innovative offline/online workflows. Growing files directly into the edit alongside Instant backup while in record allows you to walk away with your footage.

HD or UHD/4K

All standard frame sizes covered. Give us a call to discuss your bespoke requirements

Innovative offline and online workflows

High res and proxy at the same time, including UHD and HD proxy files generated simultaneously.

Instant backup

Growing clips to a delivery drive or even over a WAN to your remote edit location.

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