Company Intro

Originally founded to help bridge the gap between live production and post production FrameTrunk has grown it's offering and moved with the times. We started as a single resolution live recording service using off the shelf hardware and have grown to a bespoke Simultaneous Multi Resolution UHD recording solution. We now offer broadcast solutions ranging from Outside Broadcast, Live Ingest, Post Production, Streaming/Contribution and delivery services. Any of these services can be delivered individually or as a packaged solution.

Services provided by FrameTrunk

PPU and Outside Broadcast

Small or large, we offer a wide range of Outside Broadcast services. From our small mobile flight cased PPU setup to our Mercedes truck FT1, our OB solutions fits into any production. Both options can take up to 10 Cameras for live production with full ISO record facilities. With VT play in, EVS replay, live graphics and talkback solutions we've got all your needs covered.

Streaming and remote viewing

Live streaming and remote viewing is fast becoming part and parcel of every type of broadcast for brands or traditional broadcasters online platforms. Our Enterprise level encoders deliver consistent streams to Facebook Live, You Tube and all CDN platforms. With redundancy built in at every level, your delivery and stream quality will excel.

ISO Ingest and RX

Recording live camera feeds is why we started FrameTrunk.  Whether it’s a music festival, event or reality show we can record any number of camera feeds, HD or UHD/4K including realtime proxies, perfect for UHD offline/online workflows.

Post & Edit

From small edit suites in your portacabin or office to large bespoke pop up-post facilities with full online and onsite VidCheck QC delivery. We can supply any number of edits on location and work alongside production companies to create bespoke workflows. With multiple edits all working in a colabrative editing enviroment, seamlessly delivering content fast. We can even offer onsite LTO backups and long term storage hire for when data amounts get too big for hard drives.

Fixed Rig & Live Logging

Perfect for fixed rig shows. Our web based logging system is flexible and customisable.  You can have your team of loggers sitting at home logging the rushes of your fixed rig show ready for the edit the following morning. Get in contact with us to discuss and see how it can accelerate your production.

Site WiFi and Internet Connectivity

When a production is temporarily on location, we can supply internet connectivity and wi-fi networking for production.  Based around bonded 4g and satellite solutions, we can deliver internet connectivity to suit the production and for any streaming required.